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“Coming into the personal injury arena, I found that what I knew about spinal ligament injuries was far less than what I thought. Dr. Cronk has opened my eyes to the what I need to know and how to gain the information and knowledge to help my patients. My learning has just started. Thanks Dr. Cronk.”

Dr. David M. Jones, DC


“Dr Cronk had the information that the chiropractic profession can rally around. No matter your technique every chiropractor should understand the roll of ligament injuries with their patients.”

Dr. Jeff Woolston, DC

Good morning Dr. Cronk,

“I would like to say thank you for giving me the knowledge and certainty that I now have regarding what I am actually doing as a chiropractor. I have struggled for years because of this lack of certainty which I'm sure appeared as lack of confidence to my patients.  Although I have never been in court, I could see how I would have been destroyed based on what I used to do.  Since I have implemented this knowledge, it is very rare that I see an audit or IME while providing extensive course of care. My  patient retention has significantly increased as well.”

Dr. Brian Petrie, DC

“Dr. Cronk possesses and amazing amount of knowledge and hands on practical experience when it comes to teaching the importance of spinal ligament injuries. He is a excellent communicator and an engaging presenter. The information that he presents is research driven and evidenced based and he makes it applicable so that can use it as soon as you go back to the office.”

Dr. Larissa K. Woolston, DC

"Since beginning Dr. Cronk's program I have increased over one new PI case per week, by referral, directly from using the materials and information to educate attorneys and patients.

Attorney's are excited to learn that injuries leave a pattern. They are amazed that the exact location and severity of the injury can be determined and shown objectively. What are often called "only soft tissue injuries" are now able to be settled or litigated for the severity of the permanent ligament injury."

Thank you Dr. Cronk,

Dr. Ronald Benson, DC

“This is great material. I wish I would have had the information put together in this easy to understand format years and years ago. I have been practicing since 1994 and just now am beginning to understand how to accurately diagnose the extent of the patients injuries.”

Dr. F. Matt Hogle, DC

“Since becoming a SmartInjuryDoctor, my knowledge and confidence in the injury arena has grown tremendously in a very short time!  Dr. Cronk has assembled an incredible amount of information and presented it in A-Z fashion for doctors to merely plug and play!“

Dr. James Ramos, DC

“This information is directly applicable to my practice and will help me to improve as a treating doctor and increase my expertise in the Personal Injury Market. Additionally, if the techniques were universally used, the chiropractic profession would be elevated and garner greater respect in the medical field.”

Dr. Daniel Knight, DC

“Dr. Cronk has the ability to take you out of your complacency and make you realize there is so much more that you can be doing in your practice. I have been in practice 25+ Years and find it’s good to have someone like him come into your life and nudge you to be better; we can all be better and do more in our practice.”

Dr John Donohue, DC

Find Out What Other Doctors Are Saying About My Training Programs

“This class shattered the myth that MRI is the end-all-be-all for evaluation and diagnosis of soft tissue injuries. I learned the value of x-ray Flexion/Extension studies to evaluate spine ligament injuries, something which can’t be seen on MRI. Knowing this is paramount for the care of our patients.”

Jose Ventura, NMD

“I have been working with Dr. Cronk for a little while. Recently the light truly went on in my head for the necessity of objective testing to quantify and prove evidence of ligamentous injury and I decided to utilize his services much more frequently. I contacted several of the attorney's I have worked with in the past and have reached out to several new firms and the response and acceptance has been incredible. Dr. Cronk has performed webinars with several of these firms so far and it has brought in a funnel of over a dozen new cases over the past 2 weeks all with the attorneys wanting these studies performed. Our phone has been ringing this week and 3 more have scheduled on top of our other regular PI/WC cases just because of the implementation.”

Stephen D. Woods, D.C.

“With this information you can prove ligament damage and justify MRI studies and treatment that would have normally been considered unnecessary in low impact injury. Highly valuable information for both the doctors and the attorney to understand the true damage that the patient has endured.”

Dr. James Atkinson, DC

Dr. Cronk:

I wanted to write and thank you for you were presentation of "utilizing guidelines to document and drive your procedures" webinar.  It was very informative and useful on multiple counts.  Just the definition of guidelines being a finding of consensus and objective will put those that use them in a position of never having to defend their position.  They merely have to show that they accurately apply the guidelines in their diagnosis and treatment.

Mark Peller, DC

Talk about a game changer!

I’ve been using Dr Cronk’s protocols for a few years now and I can say with certainty that I’ve increased my entire bottom line by 33% ...just from increased injury settlements.

I now get paid close to or ALL of my fees DIRECTLY from the insurance carrier (when there is no attorney involved).

However, when there are attorneys involved, they are “always” pleasantly surprised by how much weight a “documented” spinal ligament injury holds regarding a settlement.

As a result, I’ve made permanent connections with some attorneys in my area as the “go to” doctor not only for patients referred to me for a case but, also, connections with “out of the area” attorneys who send their clients to me for a spinal ligament injury evaluation.

 What a feeling it is to know you have the upper hand in most cases regarding these specific injuries, leading to the respect we deserve (particularly as DCs) and fees that are paid without “hassle from the insurance carriers” ...they simply PAY YOUR FEES.

Allen Thomas DC