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** Chiropractors! Grow the personal injury side of your practice to make a lot more money & regain control of your time. ** 

are you highly driven to start implementing personal injury into your practice, or currently treating personal injury but want to increase the number of patients you see?

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Dying to get off the hamster wheel of

Feeling stuck,

Giving up too much of your life building or maintaining a practice that is stressful to operate,

Struggling to get to where you want to be financially fast enough,

Unable to take any real time off, or

Straining to afford the ability to pay what it takes to attract and retain really good help?

We all know that personal injury work is really lucrative, and a way out, but here’s the big question everyone asks…

how can i ethically get more personal injury work?

The personal injury market is NOT shady, and you DON’T have to compromise your professional integrity or work with bad attorneys in order to get more of this type of work – IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT RIGHT.

That’s exactly where the SmartInjuryDoctors Program comes in. We show doctors how to take advantage of this extremely lucrative niche. Through simple, easy-to-implement clinical, documentation, and marketing procedures, I show doctors how to fill this role by first being completely patient-centered and providing their patients with a higher chance of a full recovery with their treatment, while also providing attorneys and insurers exactly what they need so the best of these professionals will want to work with them. 

With virtually no competitors, you can easily excel with little additional time, effort, or expense on your part. It’s time to start reaping the benefits!

Enhanced professional reputations in your community

Growth in other areas of your practice

Recession-proof work

Huge pay dividends for decades to come

Develop stronger professional relationships

Earn higher income (without dealing with patient finances!)

Successfully bring on associates

See more injury patients

Easier to exit your practice

Enjoy an improved lifestyle (Yes, vacations are possible!)

Improve injury aptitude in regard to treatment

Get patient referrals (it’s easy!)

Comfortably establish attorney referrals

Effortlessly establish MD referrals

Limit documentation hassles

Scale and systemize your practice without the hassles

Increase your ability to expand the practice

Less work with more profitability

Provide better patient results with fewer insurance restrictions

And so much more…

How Many More Patients Can You Handle?

we make PI work easy with our 21-point performance assessment so you can use it to get predictable, consistent results

Here’s How the SmartInjuryDoctors Program Works

We provide personal injury coaching for the best chiropractors in the market by arming them with a proven system to predictably grow their personal injury services. 

We do this by helping them build a personal injury foundation using our FOUR MAIN PILLARS to spinal injury practice building.

Learn how to stand out as a unique practice

Build strong assets & develop internal referrals

Get attention in the market & create professional relationships

Master follow-up for successful relationships

Our coaching also includes a one-on-one goals consult and two, one-hour group sessions per week, to ensure speedy implementation. Learn and help other doctors grow quickly through a very unique group coaching process.


there is no scarcity in this market, perhaps you should carve out more of it for your clinic…

if you’re ready to serve floods of new patients profitably… 

The Time Is Now

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