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Doctors looking to improve their work-life balance.

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My name is Jeffrey Cronk, and I’m just like you, a fellow doctor.

I’ve spent the last 30 years as a licensed provider learning and becoming the authority on the correct diagnosis of spinal ligament injuries. For the past decade, I’ve traveled and lectured all over the country… delivering my message of change to Chiropractors, MDs, Lawyers, Insurance People, and anyone else smart enough to listen to me.

In fact, I’ve spoken to more groups… presented more times on this subject than anyone else on the planet. And because I’m so passionate about this market, I continue to book speaking engagements. But that’s not all. Not only am I a licensed doctor of chiropractic, but I also completed my law degree in 2013. For those looking for assistance in the courtroom, check out the rate table below to see where I can assist in easing your mind and improving your results.

I take great pride in my roles of working with over 400+ doctors, providing the largest medical testing services in the market for spinal ligament injuries, designing ligament test procedures for radiologists, and publishing research on spinal ligament injury testing. I have received incredible press for the work that I have been doing… But here’s the real reason why you should listen to me…

The spinal injury segment is going through a SEISMIC SHIFT. It’s no longer going to tolerate providers who cannot offer relief to these injured patients. Chronic pain is crippling our country and destroying productivity.

I’m sure you see people every day who’ve been injured and are seeking us out for relief from this chronic pain and suffering.

In the United States alone, chronic pain affects 116 MILLION adults and costs our society an estimated 635 BILLION DOLLARS per year.

The number one cause of this pain….? Spinal Ligament Injuries.

Just let that sink in for a minute (but not too long). Then reach out to let me know how I can help.

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